Modern Flower Preservation


Keep your flowers forever!

You know how they always say that there aren’t many things from your wedding that last after the day ends? Now you can add your flowers to the list of things you CAN keep forever! Because I know you spent too much money on those flowers for them to die in a few days.

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What is it?

I use professional grade products to dry your flowers and encase them in resin. Resin is a liquid chemical substance that solidifies in shape once combined. The resin that I use is completely off-gassed before being shipped; it is completely safe for you. Although I am based in Utah Valley, I work with clients all across the country!

If you’re questioning yourself, “Is it worth it?” I say, “Heck yes!” It is so worth it to preserve your bouquet. Haley LITERALLY made it so beautiful and knows what she is doing! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I highly recommend going to Haley for your floral preservation. She communicates well and answers all questions. I know, I will come back to this business!

Lina Phommavong

I cannot describe how much we love our pieces. The process was easy and worth every penny. Because we got married locally, Haley was able to pick up our flowers from the event and made a seamless transition. The preservation itself is mind blowing. Pressed flowers always appear to have lost some of their color and luster, but Haley's process kept the integrity and unique beauty of my bouquet. I'm also grateful we decided to add on jewelry dishes-- each one is unique and stunning, and are making great gifts for the moms, maid of honor, and officiant. We cannot recommend Haley and Everbloom Floral Preservation enough. It was a simple process with lots of communication, was stress free, and created pieces we will cherish forever. Plan ahead and get this done-- it is worth every penny and effort!

Kelli Jo Amador

Haley preserved my bridal bouquet and the boutonniere my grandpa wore to walk me down the aisle. Both pieces turned out stunning and I'm so grateful I spent the money to do this! Haley was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. She is professional, personable, and produces high quality products. Finally, I can't help but love that spending my money at Everbloom directly benefited a family's small business!

Kelsi Cook

Haley beautifully captured in time the start of our lives together! We can’t thank her enough for her attention to detail, her creativity and the dedication to her clients. We are obsessed with the floral art she created for us. This is an absolute must for any modern bride and an amazing gift idea for our parents. We will forever be thankful to Haley for such perfect job!

Lianette Rivera

Haley is absolutely amazing!! We had issues with the shipping company at the beginning which caused the flowers to wilt. Haley said she can make sure they look good and she absolutely stood behind that promise and made them absolutely beautiful!!! She is amazing at what she does and will definitely be recommending everyone to her for any flower preservation needs!! Thank you Haley and Everbloom for the amazing work!!

Tyler Stephens

Haley is a great artist! She took her time and designed the pieces very beautifully and delicately. I am so happy she used all the best flowers in my wedding bouquet and now I get to see them forever! Always super fast at responding and willing to be flexible with pick up or drop off times. I highly recommend using Everbloom Preservation to make your bouquet last a lifetime!

Mackenzie Wing

I am so so happy I found Haley and her creative company, Everbloom Preservation. The process was so simple and professional. I would get reminders for payment and for pickup and scheduling everything was easy. It's so special to have our flowers from our wedding preserved as a reminder of our vows. Highly recommend Everbloom Preservation. Thank you Haley!

Brooke Stringham

Haley is beyond talented! Words cannot describe how thankful I am to keep these memories forever. If you're debating on whether or not to preserve your flowers, I would 100% recommend doing it. It is worth every penny! Haley was great at communicating and gave me updates which I really appreciate. It also means even more that she was able to put the charm of my grandma and grandpa that was on my bouquet for my wedding.

Madison Ramirez

My daughter asked about having her bouquet preserved 2 days before her wedding. On the day after her wedding, I found Everbloom Preservation. I was slightly skeptical about ordering, as it is a rather costly investment, and I just wasn't sure about it. I also hated the idea of the bouquet being thrown in the trash after the flowers wilted! I went with my gut and am so glad that I did. Haley was wonderful to work with! She gave specific instructions on how to ship the flowers to her. She let me know as soon as the flowers arrived, she sent me a picture halfway through the process and informed me when it was complete and was shipping out. I chose the tray for my daughter and IT IS GORGEOUS!! I'm giving it to my daughter as a Christmas gift. You will not go wrong with Haley if you are looking at having your bouquet preserved!

Jodi Hamlin

Wow wow wow! I am in LOVE with my bookends! She carefully and thoughtfully put my wedding flowers in a beautiful arrangement and asked me for approval before she set them in resin. People see these bookends right when they walk into my home and they always mention them! This is something I am going to treasure forever and I would 10/10 recommend Everbloom! Such a great investment.

Calee Lawson