Frequently asked questions

How quickly do you need my flowers?

Within 24-48 hours after your event! The fresher your flowers are when I dry them, the better they will dry! I obviously can’t bring dead flowers back to life, so I will need them ASAP. If you are local to the Utah County area, please drop your flowers off with me within 24 hours of the event. Otherwise, you will need to overnight ship your flowers to me. More information about overnight shipping HERE.

What is your turn around time?

After I have received your flowers, I will have them back to you in 8-12 weeks. This process has many steps and can not be rushed. But, please know that I will have your piece back to you as soon as I can!

Do you accept previously air dried flowers?

Absolutely! Dust those babies off and send them my way! Do keep in mind that air dried flowers do not look the same as silica dried flowers. As long as you like the way that your flowers currently look, I can work with them. However, I CAN NOT work with flowers that were dried in a freezer! They will mold in the resin.

Can I ship my flowers if I live outside of Utah?

Yes! Once you sign your proposal contract, I will send you all of the information about shipping your flowers to me. Keep in mind that you will need to get your flowers in the mail within 24 hours of your event (However, if your wedding is on a Saturday, you’ll want to keep the flowers in water and get them in the mail first thing Monday morning). They will need to be shipped via overnight shipping so that I can dry them before they start wilting/browning. I understand that this shipping is not cheap, but I promise that you will not regret the investment of having your flowers preserved. I do not cover the price of shipping.

Can you include special items in my piece(s)?

Yes, of course! If you have a necklace, ribbon, pin, etc. from your wedding that you would like me to include in your piece(s) please let me know! Most of these items are easy to include. Some items I will need to research to make sure the resin won’t react with them!

What if my flowers are damaged in shipping?

Everbloom is not responsible for any damages caused during shipping from the customer to the address of Everbloom. If flowers are damaged during the shipping process the responsibility falls on the shipping company. I always suggest purchasing shipping insurance. If your flowers are damaged in shipping, I can connect you with a local florist to recreate your bouquet who can then deliver it to Everbloom.

What if I don't have my flowers anymore?

If you do not have the flowers from your event anymore but would like a preservation piece made, I can have a local florist recreate it! You will just need to cover the price of the flowers. Some flowers may be difficult to replace due to the season, but I will do my best.

Do you do memorial pieces?

Absolutely. I grieve with you as you experience the heart break of losing someone that you love. However, I think that memorial pieces are so so special. Send me flowers from the funeral and I will make you pieces that will always remind you of that special person. Reach out to me as soon as possible and I will send over a proposal contract and get everything in order for your piece(s).

Do my flowers need to be dry before I give them to you?

No! I dry your flowers for you in silica gel to hold their shape and color. I do this for you so there is no need to do it yourself unless there is a problem getting them to me fresh! If the client chooses to dry the flowers themselves, Everbloom is not responsible for improper drying. This can include browning, wilting, burning, molding, etc.

What if my flowers are artificial?

I can use artificial flowers! We could also do a mix of some artificial and some real flowers if you prefer. Please let me know ahead of time if your bouquet is artificial.

Should I send all of my flowers or just my bouquet?

It depends on how many pieces you order! If you are ordering many pieces I would recommend sending your bouquet and any extra bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, decorative flowers etc. If you are just ordering one block, just your bouquet will be plenty! Let me know if you have more questions about this.