About the Artist

Everbloom was founded by Haley Cunningham in 2021. Haley became interested in preserving flowers in resin after marrying her husband Dylan Cunningham, who was in the resin countertop business himself (you could say she married into the resin world). Dylan showed Haley all of the ins and outs of resin until she wasn’t scared of pouring it on her own. Haley and Dylan met in the graphic design program at Southern Utah University and have been an artistic couple ever since. Haley received her Bachelor in Graphic Design from Southern Utah University in May of 2021 and enjoys using her degree in a unique way.

Dropping-off Flowers

Dropping off or shipping your flowers

Drop off your flowers

If you are local to Utah Valley, you will be able to drop off your flowers with me. I will communicate the details about this as your event nears!

Shipping your flowers

If you are not local to Utah, you will need to get your flowers in the mail within 24 hours of your event. Your flowers HAVE to be shipped via overnight shipping. I will send you detailed instructions for packaging and shipping your flowers.

Flowers Dried

Your flowers are dried and prepared

Drying your flowers

I use professional grade silica gel to dry your flowers for 2-5 weeks. Please keep in mind that the color of some flowers changes in the drying process. For example: red flowers often dry a dark purple color.

Preparing flowers for resin

After your flowers are dried, I hand dust the flowers to remove the silica gel.

Flower Layout

layout of your flowers

Laying out your flowers

At this time, I set up temporary layouts of your flowers. I layout the flowers in ways that I believe are beautiful but I know that my style is not the same as everyones! I only offer layouts for blocks, not small pieces like ring holders.

Layout approval

I will send you photos of 1-2 layout options for your approval. Although these can be changed, please remember that dry flowers are very fragile and I can't move them too many times!

Pieces Poured

Pieces are poured

Pouring your piece

I use high quality VOC free resin to encase your flowers. The process of pouring this resin takes multiple layers over a course of many days.

Demolding and finishing touches

After your piece has fully cured, I remove it from the mold. I then address any needed finishing touches on the piece and prepare it to be shipped to you.

Flowers Shipped

shipping your pieces to you

Shipping your finished pieces to you

I will get your piece(s) in the mail as soon as they are done. I will provide you a tracking number so that you can watch for your delivery!

Again, if you are local to Utah Valley, you are welcome to pick up your pieces rather than shipping.