Square and Rectangle Floral Blocks

4 x 4 Block


Perfect for one medium sized flower or a boutonniere.

6 x 6 Block


Fits 2-3 medium/large flowers and handful of small flowers and greenery.

9 x 6 Block


This small rectangle makes for a beautiful wide design. The piece can sit horizontally or vertically.

8 x 8 Block


The perfect size to fit some of your favorite flowers.

10 x 10 Block


The largest square block that I offer! This block fits many of your large blooms and smaller accents.

9 x 13 Block


This rectangle size can sit horizontally or vertically and fits the most number of flowers to preserve your bouquet to the fullest.
Other Preservation Sizes

Small Hexagon Block


The small hexagon block is 5" tall. This size is very popular for the groom's boutonniere.

Large Hexagon Block


The large hexagon block is 9" tall. This size and shape is my most popular block and fits a perfect number of flowers.

Serving Tray


A beautiful decorative serving tray for your home! The flowers are placed in a wooden tray and resin is poured to the top of the tray. This size fits many flowers, however, note that some flowers are not compatible with this size.

Small Arch


A beautiful trendy shape to display 2-3 medium flowers and greenery. The small arch is 7" tall.

Large Arch


This large arch is a showstopper. The piece fits many of your flowers and is perfect for boho brides. The large arch is 10" tall.

Ring Holder


This ring holder is perfect for holding just your ring(s). It is almost 3" tall and 2" wide.

Jewelry Dish


This circular dish can hold your rings, earrings, etc.

Christmas Ornament


A circular ornament to hang on your Christmas tree every year!

4 Pack


These coasters are about .75" tall and 4" wide. They make perfect gifts for the wedding party, family, or yourself!

6 Pack


These coasters are about .75" tall and 4" wide. They make perfect gifts for the wedding party, family, or yourself!

10 Pack


These coasters are about .75" tall and 4" wide. They make perfect gifts for the wedding party, family, or yourself! This pack is priced so that 2 of the 10 coasters are free!

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4x4 Block

Because of the small size of this block, it is perfect for preserving a single medium sized flower, or the groom’s boutonniere! This option is very popular in adding to orders for the groom

8x8 Block

This block is a great in between size. This is the most popular size and rightfully so!

Small Hexagon

This hexagon is 5″ tall. Because this size is still somewhat small, it is perfect for a boutonniere or 2-3 small flowers! The hexagon shape has been very popular.

Serving Tray

Imagine a gorgeous decorative serving tray on your coffee table. A beautiful way to display your wedding flowers everyday! The serving trays fit many flowers! However, some flowers are too tall to fit in the tray. Please reach out with any questions.

Ring Holder

If you have never owned a ring holder, you need one (or five). They are the best to put by the sink, by your bed, and anywhere else where you may need to take your ring off. They look absolutely beautiful with your flowers in them! The shape of these ring holders is a cone-like faceted diamond that stands about 3 inches tall.

6x6 Block

This size of block is perfect to preserve just a few of your favorite flowers. Because of the size, it is not ideal for preserving many large flowers.

10x10 Block

This is the largest block that I currently offer and fits the most flowers. This size is great to include as many flowers as possible from your beautiful boquet!

Large Hexagon

This hexagon is 9″ tall and is large and beautiful! This size fits many of your beautiful flowers and greenery and is such a fun and trendy shape!

Jewelry Dish

This small circular dish is perfect for holding your rings, earrings, and bracelets! This is different than the ring holder because it is more flat and can hold many things at once. These are perfect for by your bed to take your ring and earrings off at night!


Coasters with your wedding flowers in them? Count me in! These are beautiful and great for wedding party gifts!